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what do you beleive to be under appreciated about this world?

happiness 100000%

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okay kodie so the thing is that I took some really nice photos on my holiday but I dont wanna post them myself do you accept submitted photos or is that not your kinda thing? thanks anyways ily you're one of the nicest here -fcw xx

umm generally i don’t post other people’s photos but i’ll definitely have a look at them and if i like any sure i’ll post them for you !!! but you should feel confident posting them ! awww thank you sweetheart xx

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do you think like that drugs are pro-choice? because I used to but now my brother is addicted to them, he's young like 16, and I used to think that it's a choice whether or not you choose to smoke weed or do drugs or whatever. but watching him be the person he is I don't want to say 'it's your life, your choice' because his life is literally fading and I was just wondering what you think or what you'd do? because I love him and idek what to do

yeah i think you’re approaching this in a really mature manner and i know what you mean, like we always say “let people do what they want with their life it’s their choice” but when you watch your brother do something like that it does affect you and you want to tell him to stop but not want to be controlling. try talking to him about it, im not a guidance councillor or anything so i can’t say much but warn him of the shit it does and make sure he knows the choices he’s making and just remind him you’re always going to be there for him :))

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What's ur real name? ♡

dakotah :)

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We love you too, soooo much! ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks sweetheart it means a lot xx

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where do you live?


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You know why I don't like Bansky? (but I didn't ask, you say) Oh well, it's because he used to be cool. Then he became well known, 'famous' whatever and his art became obvious, boring, typical. It's basic stuff that's created to make you feel like because you understand the message or know about the artwork you're part of something that's really cool and individual. When you're not, it's not just about his art now it's about popularity.

I still think he’s fucking incredible, always have :)