Q: I dont know what perfection looks like, but looking at you i think i just found out

fuckkkkk wowwwww you’re too kind

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i think this is my fav
i think this is also my 4th time reblogging it

best post ever

reblog every time

i used this quote in my english essay and got bonus points holla @ me


my clique wheres all black

Q: why do you always reblog yourself? just curious :))

i don’t always reblog myself lol, i reblog it to comment when someone has said something nice or sometimes i just reblog it because i want to, my blog my rules

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Journal entry I wrote today. My ribs are actually bruised.

This has almost 60k notes yet he doesn’t know I love him

This ones the best


come on srs do boys from melbourne exist on tumblr 

im not playin im bein srs

Q: what's the virgin suicides about, without any major spoilers? :) x

about sisters who live together in a very corrupted family and one of them commit suicide and it’s basically about them and their life moving on and there are a group of boys that are good friends with them in it, and then it all kind of leads up to this massive thing at the end that’s kind of expected but it’s the most beautiful movie i love the language in it it’s so good

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