realising your followers care about you/are here for you is actually the best feeling in the world, I love you all xx

Anonymous inquired:
What's it called when you're hungry?


Anonymous inquired:
do you live near highpoint shopping centre?

it’s a bus ride away, really easy to get to, like 15 minutes hahah :)

Anonymous inquired:
Your such a bright girl for someone your age, your very intelligent and have a way with words when it comes to your writing. You are a very beautiful girl which doesn't matter if you were or not you a huge inspiration to me and I look up to you very much! Keep on doing what your doing and always follow your heart in life. I hope that many wonderful things come your way.

This message is just beyond sweet. I can’t even thank you enough for the confidence this gives me, I wish you all the best you deserve to be happy. I love you lots x

Anonymous inquired:
dakodoh :')

omg no

Anonymous inquired:
How tall are you, Dakotah? And what year level are you in? What's your favourite colour? Sorry for all the questions; you're just so intriguing and I want to know more about you. I live in Melbourne too, I hope I see you around someday x

I LOVE QUESTIONS LIKE THIS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD!! Like they make me feel so simply happy and stuff haha :)))

I’m 164cm tall, I’m in year 10 (Some people might get confused because year levels are different in every country, I live in Australia and in year 10 most of us are 15 turning 16) My favourite colour is probably cyan :) Thank you so much, You should message me off anon and we can meet up, I love meeting people from Melbourne ! xx

Anonymous inquired:
I wish I looked like you you're perfection to me

I’m very far from perfection but i’m glad you see me that way. Trust me you don’t wish you looked like me, i love you and you’re gorgeous, take care xx

Anonymous inquired:
you're so gorgeous it's unfair

i’m really not but thank you so so much this is really sweet and means a lot to me x

Anonymous inquired:
youre so pretty

this is so simple but really makes me happy, and small things like this make me like myself a little more each day, so thank you anon, it truly means a lot x

Anonymous inquired:
hi dakotah. i just want to let you know that i am and always have been like you when it comes to boys. i get bored so easily and i don't really care about them etc. it has seriously bothered me for years, it's almost heartbreaking. i recently got back with an ex that i broke up with last time. and i honestly think i love him. stay hopeful, you'll feel love for someone soon. it's a hard personal journey that consists of a lot of self acceptance and persistance but you'll definitely make it x

IT’S LIKE YOU GET ME OH MY GOD. You actually understand me, i’d really like to know who you are so I can talk to you because I have never met anyone who understands or has my mindset when it comes to it. Like I know girls always say they don’t care about boys or whatever but I literally do not give a shit about feelings/emotions or anything, so it’s really great to finally see that someone understands! Thank you so much for this positive advice it’s really uplifting and give a lot of hope so thank you xxx

Anonymous inquired:
this guy started talking to me the other day and I kind of like him now, before that I had never spoken to him ever bc he is like one of the scary people (he smokes weed etc) and I'm quite quiet but he starting speaking to me after I'd been in one lesson with him :( now im sad bc he's popular and I'm not and ill never be friends with him :(

Let me just clear up a few things for you: People are not scary because they smoke weed, popularity is a concept - it doesn’t exist, don’t doubt yourself and sadden yourself because you think you won’t be friends with him, if he has started talking to you after just one lesson, he clearly is willing/wants to talk to you. Just don’t judge him for smoking weed or the other shit he does, it’s his choice - he isn’t scary :) I say go for it, keep talking and see where it goes from there. Good luck, take care hun xx